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Login to Catalog                          Search Catalog                          See Fines                            Checking Card Expiration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         See If Holds Arrived                                Make an EZ Username        

The catalog can be accessed two ways on our website. You can go to the main library page and click on the blue button on the right side that says “Catalog,” or you can go to the “Books & More” tab and click on “Library Catalog.”

To log in to the catalog:

Click on the blue “Catalog” button (pictured below)

It will take you to the catalog, click Log In (top right corner, pictured below)

Enter Library Card Number (no spaces) and Pin in pop up (pictured below)

Library Card Number: Found under the barcode on the backside of your library card. When you enter the number do not put spaces.

Library Pin: Your pin will be either the last four digits of the phone number on your account (cell or landline), or 1234

Search the Catalog:

To search the catalog, type the item you are looking for in the search box. In this example we used Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”

Click on the orange “Place Hold” to place the hold. A message will pop up asking for the location you want to pick up the item. Select Romulus Public Library if you want to pick up at our location.

If the item refuses to place the hold this is because it may be still “New” or it is “Unavailable,” your card could also be expired or you may owe fines.

See Fines:

To find out if you owe fines click on account in the top right corner (pictured below)

Then click on Account Activity (pictured below)

On the left side there is 3 stats given (Loans, Holds, Fines). Fines will indicate the amount owed (pictured below)

The library does not block access to place holds until a patron reaches $15 or more. If it is below $15 and you cannot place a hold, then the item is most likely not an item the owning library allows to be loaned out.

Checking If Your Card is Expired:

To find out if your card is expired, click on account in the top right corner (pictured below)

Login and click on “Account Summary” (pictured below)

It will bring up a summary of your Account, scroll down to see “Library Card or ID” and look at “Expiration Date” (pictured below). If it is expired, please call the library about renewal.

In this section you can also verify the library has the right contact information for you.

See if Holds Arrived:

*** An item may say it arrived but that does not mean its ready to pickup. A notification is only sent when staff have processed it. Before you come to the library, make sure you received a notification. This will be sent via Email or Text message.

To find out if your materials have arrived log in and click on Account in the top right corner (pictured below)

Click on Account Activity (pictured below)

It will list the amount of holds you placed and those that have arrived (pictured below)

In this example it says “Holds: 0 Arrived: 0”

Holds are materials you are still waiting in line to get. Arrived are holds that are now at Romulus Library. The example means 0 Holds you are in line for and 0 Holds have Arrived. Wait for notification before coming to the library.

For any item with the status of In Transit, this means it is not in the building yet and is transitioning to our building via truck (pictured below)

Make an EZ Username and Password

Typing a long barcode can be exhausting. You can create an “EZ” Username and Password.

To make one, click on account in the top right corner (pictured below)

Click on “Account Summary” (pictured below)

Click on “EZ Login” (pictured below)

Enter an Username and Password and click Save (pictured below)

You now can log in with your new “EZ” username and password!