The Romulus Public Library provides examination proctoring services for written and online examinations as a service to the community.

Proctoring Fees

Fees for proctoring are $10 for Romulus and Huron Township residents and $25 for all others. Proctoring fees are to be paid before the examination is taken and are non-refundable.

Faxing and Printing Fees

The Library provides faxing and printing services for proctoring. Faxing fees are $1.00 per page and printing fees are .10 per page and are the responsibility of the student. Fees for printing, faxing and/or postage must be paid at the time the examination is taken and are nonrefundable.


The student may request proctoring services by emailing the Library at Proctoring services will be scheduled by appointment only during regular library hours and will be subject to the availability of authorized staff, space and necessary equipment. Appointments must be scheduled no less than 7 days before the desired test date. Regular library activities will take precedence over proctoring services.
Examinations must be scheduled so that students have sufficient time to complete all examination requirements and at least one hour before the Library closes so that staff has enough time to complete their portion of the proctoring requirements.
Examinations may be cancelled or postponed if the testing materials are not received in time, require clarification, incur any expense, or otherwise exceed the Library’s ability to comply with the institution’s requirements.

Examination Administration

The student is responsible for having examinations and instructions sent to the Library and to confirm that they have arrived at the Library. On the day of the examination, the student must show their current photo I.D. Library staff will not grade examinations. Other arrangements will need to be made if this is a requirement of the testing institution. Library staff will enforce any time limits that are placed on the examination.

Testing Environments

Examinations are to be taken at a study table in the adult area of the Library, near the Circulation Desk so that circulation staff can visibly see and monitor the student while proctoring the examination. The Library cannot provide proctoring if staff is required to be with the student during the entire examination. Library staff will not monitor a student continuously during an examination, but may check on the student periodically. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the proctoring conditions provided by the Library meet all the requirements of the institution administering the exam. Students should come prepared with pens, pencils, erasers, scratch paper, calculators or any other supplies needed for the examination.

Online Examinations

Students must provide their own laptop for online examinations. If the student does not bring a laptop they may use one of the Library’s public computers, provided that one is available, and must adhere to the Library’s Internet and Computer Use Policy. The student may use a library computer at no charge with a valid library card in good standing. Students without a library card may purchase a visitor pass. Students must know how to use the computer. Staff cannot provide computer training for taking the examination. It is the student’s responsibility to know the testing institution’s web address and how to login. Student must arrange for passwords to be delivered to the Library prior to testing time.

Completion of the Examination

Mailing: A pre-paid envelope is required to mail completed examinations and other paperwork to the testing institution. Normally, the examination will be mailed the next business day after the examination is taken. The library is unable to honor requests requiring special trips to the post office, FedEx, UPS or other mailing facilities.

Scanning: The Library provides a scanner for scanning final examinations to the testing institution.

Unless a prepaid envelope is provided, examinations received without advance notice or are not taken will be shredded.

Adopted by the Romulus Public Library Board Jan. 5, 2015, rev. Apr. 16, 2018, rev. March 18, 2019