Many of you probably have questions about PHASE 3: Limited Access, just point your mouse over the question and our response will be shown!

Can I come in and look around?

Unfortunately no, that is available in Phase 4: Grab and Go. We are currently in Phase 3: Limited Access.

Can I use the computer?

Computers are by appointment. Click on the Adult Tab at the top and go down to Computer Appointments and select a day and time you want.

What do I do if I want to pick up my holds?

We are still doing curbside. If you want to come in that is fine too. Keep in mind browsing our collection is unavailable right now. Please go straight to the desk and let a worker know you are here for your holds. They will grab the materials for you and check them out.

What does limited access mean?

We are allowing patrons to come in for computer appointments, copying, faxing, printing, renewing/getting library cards. Keep in mind you can still do these through curbside as well.

What if I want to come in to grab something real quick?

Unfortunately our collection is not available. Patrons can place holds through our catalog and pick up their holds when they are notified.

What if I need help on the computer?

To help staff and patrons socially distance. We have a new program on our computers called Chatroll. Just go to the desktop and click on the Question Mark Icon. Log in as guest and ask staff for help via chat box.

What if I need to print something?

Printing is connected to the card you sign up with. All you have to do is click to print and send to the printer. When you are all done you can print all the documents at the print station, no need to print them one at a time.

Can I donate books again?

Currently we are not taking any donations.

Can I purchase books from the book sale shelves?

Yes you may purchase from the Friends Book Sale Shelves.