AtoZdatabases:  General Interest. Detailed information on 30 million businesses and executives and 2 million new businesses. Includes data on over 200 million residents as well as new movers/homeowners. Special features include a background and criminal history search. Information provided on U. S. healthcare professionals. Includes a jobs database and email marketing.

Encyclopedia.ComGeneral Interest. not only compiles their own information but through searching the site can find other relative sights to search. You can search over 200 Encyclopedias/Reference books from the world’s most trusted publishers.

Encyclopedia BritannicaGeneral Interest. One of the most leading encyclopedia sites. Constantly fact checked, leading articles, images, videos on all historical matters. Some of the site will ask to join, however, some of it is open for general viewing.

Encyclopedia of LifeLife, Animals, Science. This encyclopedia site is hosted by the Smithsonian. It explores all life on the planet and compiles the most interesting articles on anything living you could want to explore!