BCC Research:Business. BCC Research contains analytics and market research on a variety of topics. This website tracks fields like commerce, technology, energy, life sciences, materials, manufacturing, finances and much more.

Better Business Bureau:Business. The BBB helps compile reviews and complaints against businesses for the consumer. Using this databases people can find local businesses and complaints filed against them. Keep informed about businesses and their reputations.

BizMiner:Business. BizMiner provides the analytical industry content to thousands of accounting, banking, valuation, CRE professionals; and over 200,000 business students in almost 100 universities. They are the exclusive provider of financial and industry market data services to the International Business Brokers Association.

Demographics Now:Business. Researchers and entrepreneurs are provided with comprehensive business and demographic information valuable to assess business viability, create sales leads and marketing mailing lists, complete location analyses and business plans, analyze population trends, find potential sponsors and donors and much more.  This versatile database is useful for those who want to start a business as well as those who want to take their established business to the next level.

eMarketer:Business. eMarketer compiles market research about the Internet, e-business, online marketing, and new technologies. The site also focuses on analyst reports, up to date research articles, and e-business and online marketing statistics.

Oxford HandbooksBusiness. Oxford Handbooks researches reviews in a wide array of fields. This website is best for scholarly research and reading reviews about research articles.

ReferenceUSA: Business. ReferenceUSA keeps records on US Businesses, New Businesses, Canadian Businesses, Health Care, Jobs/Internships, and Historical Records. They begin by assembling hundreds of thousands of public information sources. Then their research staff analyzes and verifies every record and compiles all the information into easy-to-use databases.

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