Dungeons & Dragons Club meets the second Wednesday of each month. Sessions are 2 hours long and are open to patrons ages 13-17.

Do you find the math, complicated character sheets, and lore of Dungeons & Dragons overwhelming? You’re not alone, but we can help you learn the basics! Check out the links below, and if you still have questions or don’t understand something, email Miss Tee at cversele@romuluslibrary.org to set up a meeting to get a run down of the game mechanics or character creation. And don’t worry, the game sessions are optimized for beginner players to become comfortable with the game. No Rules Lawyering at our table!

And finally, no need to buy dice! We will have dice on hand at the library for use during the session. If you are interested in purchasing your own, many game and hobby stores in the area sell 7-dice sets for reasonable prices.


  • You must come to sessions with your character already made! Character creation for multiple players can take a large chunk of time and takes away from playing time. If you can’t come in for a character creation session with Miss Tee or aren’t sure if you want to commit to playing, you can come to a session to observe gameplay and get familiarized with the game, and Miss Tee can help you create a character after the session if you want to!
  • You must bring your character sheet to each session. If you are worried about losing it, Miss Tee can store it for you at the library.
  • The DM to Player Ratio will be capped at 1:6. If you’re interested in volunteering as a DM, email Miss Tee!
  • DM has the final ruling in all gameplay decisions.
  • Metagaming is strongly discouraged.
  • If you are absent for a session, your character will simply be “on vacation” for that session, and you will be briefed on what you missed at the next session you attend.
  • There will be zero tolerance for any forms of hate speech. This includes in-character/out-of-character statements or jokes that imply inferiority of or reinforces stereotypes about any marginalized group.
  • All participants are expected to treat the DM and fellow players with respect.
  • Outside food is not permitted in the library. Miss Tee may occasionally provide snacks that are to be eaten only in the community room. You are expected to clean up after yourself.
  • Covered beverages are permitted.
  • If you have an issue with another player, speak to Miss Tee about it privately so that issues can be mediated and resolved. Personal attacks and arguments at the table are not acceptable.
  • Breaking any of these rules once will result in a verbal warning. Breaking any rule twice will result in being asked to leave the session. A third infraction will result in suspension from the club for three consecutive sessions. Any further infraction, or any infraction at all of the hate speech rule, will result in a permanent expulsion from the club.

Click here to download a blank character sheet
This sheet can be filled in in Adobe Acrobat, but printing it out blank and using a pencil is the recommended method!

Click here to learn how to create a character
Still need help? Email Miss Tee to set up a character creation session