Learning to Read

Bronze statue

The bronze statue in front of the library was generously donated by the Friends of the Romulus Public Library and the family of Lew and Nell Sheppard. The statue is a Max Turner bronze entitled Learning to Read. The dedication of this statue took place at the library on the evening of September 29,2005. It will grace the front area of the library for years to come and will be enjoyed by all who enter the building.

statue of boy and girl reading

Once Upon a Time

Stained glass

The stained glass that hangs near the library entrance is called Once Upon a Time and was donated by Michael and Tiffany Patrias in memory of Michael’s grandmother, Lillian Patrias. Lillian was a member of the Friends of the Library and a dedicated volunteer for many years. The glass was dedicated on May 19, 2012.

stain glass says once upon a time

Bright Sky

Oil painting

Bright Sky was created by Romulus artist, Emilie Beadle using oil paint applied in many layers with a palette knife. The work represents a sunset over a body of water. The hope is that the painting will bring a sense of wonder, beauty and peacefulness to those who view it. The painting is dedicated in memory of Jan Conrad, an advocate for and supporter of the library for many years. Bright Sky honors Jan’s own artistic abilities and her commitment to the Library, her family and the community. Dedicated on May 21, 2016.

sunrise painting


Wooden bench

Donated by 15 Hungry Woman and a Book in memory of Jan Conrad. Dedicated on May 21, 2016.

blue bench



Painted by Muriel Fischer Boelter (1911-1997), a local artist.